Paul Martin Bushido Blue

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日本の武士道精神と風格を醸し出しています。 カジュアルにもフォーマルにもお使いいただける逸品です。

Introducing the, ‘Paul Martin-Bushido Blue’ kaku-obi (4 meter long belt) crafted by Kyoto master kimono maker, Hiroya Fujii at the foot of Mt. Otowai (the area where swordsmith Sanjo Munechika is said to have forged the legendary Kogitsunemaru). The belt is made with 95% silk Tango Chirimen fabric, embroidered with designs of the hamon (patterns of the hardened edge) of Japanese swords in silver thread. The most notable of the hamon is the National Treasure Sword, Sanchomo (aka Yamatorige) which was treasured sword of the famous warlord, Uesugi Kenshin.

The blue color on the obverse of the belt was chosen by Japanese Sword Specialist Paul Martin because blue permeates the world of the samurai and symbolizes the warrior spirit. The masterfully applied color by Hiroya Fujii was applied by hand using a traditional silk Bokashi-Some dyeing technique. The reverse side of the belt also has the hamon designs, but in a graduating grey to black color for more formal occasions. The belt is also treated with Sukoyaka Guardt for resistance against water staining.

The ‘Paul Martin-Bushido Blue’ collaboration belt with Fujii Hiroya is exclusive to Tamahagane Jewelry, who are based at the Osafune Sword Museum in Okayama which houses the National Treasure sword, Sanchomo. This luxury belt exudes the spirit and style of Japan’s warrior class while displaying the traditional arts of Japan. Suitable for both informal and formal occasions.

As these are handmade, they may take up to 3 months to produce from ordering.

Overseas customers please select the EMS (5000 JPY) option for shipping. 」

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¥128,000 tax included